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Steve (and Bucky) in Pacific Rim AU as i promised~
Please dont ask me about the timeline’s functions in here~ i have no plots, storyline n whatsoever, just wanna have some funXD. n had joke with my friends yesterday, they Jaeger would be named: American DreamsXD

All my art series based on My MarvelxPacific Rim Crossover verse, can be found in: kaijuBuster-verse!tag

okay sorry but this idea wouldn’t go away:

Steve Rogers and James Buchanan “Bucky” Barnes are the golden boys of the Anchorage Shatterdome, with a 100% kill rate and the strongest Drift compatibility this side of the Rim— until Bucky is ripped out of their Jaeger by an unexpectedly vicious Category 4. All that’s left of him is an arm swinging in his empty harness and a ghost that lingers in the Drift. He is presumed killed in action. It takes a long time for Steve to let him go.

FAST FORWARD SEVERAL YEARS. The Kaiju are beaten back and the Breach is long closed, but the world is still not at peace. The Kaiju cults that sprang up during the years of the invasion have only grown in number, become more organised, more vocal, calling for the Breach to be re-opened so that the “holy work” of the Kaiju can be completed and the Earth can finally embrace its own destruction. Jaeger have been re-purposed as ‘enforcers of global peace’ by the newly militarized PPDC, used as weapons or pre-emptive strike forces against anything perceived as a threat. This is not what Steve signed up for, and despite the protests of his co-pilots (Natasha Romanoff and Sam Wilson) he’s considering leaving the PPDC for good. But when a de-commissioned Jaeger from the old Vladivostok Shatterdome (callsign: Winter Soldier) begins taking down PPDC bases and even other Jaeger, Steve begins to suspect that the Kaiju cults have found an unlikely weapon in their mission to re-open the Breach. And what’s more — he thinks he recognises Winter Soldier’s pilot.


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Lord Tywin rose as well. “A duty to House Lannister. You are the heir to Casterly Rock. That is where you should be. Tommen should accompany you, as your ward and squire. The Rock is where he’ll learn to be a Lannister, and I want him away from his mother. I mean to find a new husband for Cersei. Oberyn Martell perhaps, once I convince Lord Tyrell that the match does not threaten Highgarden. And it is past time you were wed. The Tyrells are now insisting that Margaery be wed to Tommen, but if I were to offer you instead -”
“NO!” Jaime had heard all that he could stand. No, more than he could stand. He was sick of it, sick of lords and lies, sick of his father, his sister, sick of the whole bloody business. “No. No. No. No. No. How many times must I say no before you’ll hear it? Oberyn Martell? The man’s infamous, and not just for poisoning his sword. He has more bastards than Robert, and beds with boys as well. And if you think for one misbegotten moment that I would wed Joffrey’s widow…” 
“Lord Tyrell swears the girl’s still maiden.” 
“She can die a maiden as far as I’m concerned. I don’t want her, and I don’t want your Rock!”

(A Storm of Swords)

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Be careful what you ask for…

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You know, funny story: There’s this craft store called Michaels. Look, my sister knits, and she goes to Michaels. So my sister called me and she’s like, “Oh my god, I’m at Michaels, picking up yarn. You have a poster at Michaels.” I’m like, “What?” She’s like, “There’s a poster, there’s a Falcon poster at Michaels.” I’m like, “Holy s**t!” She’s like, “I’m gonna come and pick you up, and we’re gonna see your poster in this store.” So she picks me up and we go to Michaels.

We go in, and I see the poster and I’m like, “Oh, this is….” She’s like, “I know, I know.” I said, “I’m gonna sign these posters.” I was like, “That would be amazing, you buy a poster and it’s like, actually signed by the Falcon.” Like, it would blow my mind. So I go to the front, I buy a Sharpie, I run back to the back of the store. And she’s like, “I’m gonna take a picture of you signing it.”

I’m in this store and I’m signing all the posters. The manager comes out, he’s like, “Hey, whatcha doing?” I was like, “Oh man, I’m signing these posters so when people buy ‘em, they’re signed.” He’s like, “Well, people are not gonna buy ‘em if they’re signed.” And I was like, “No, no, no, it’s cool. I’m pretty sure there won’t be a problem.” And he goes, “Yeah, but it is gonna be a problem, you’re messin’ up my inventory.” And I’m like, “No, my man, trust me. I mean, I’m the Falcon, that’s me!” And he goes, “Yeah, right. You’re gonna buy those posters.” I said, “What?” He’s like, “You’re gonna buy all those posters or I’m gonna call the police.”

He rolls up all the posters and goes to the front of the store. And I had to buy like 60 Falcon posters that I signed in Michaels.


— Anthony Mackie getting in trouble for signing his posters at a Micheals  (x)

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Melisandre has seen true horrors, for there is no hell worse than an awkward Baratheon family dinner.


Melisandre has seen true horrors, for there is no hell worse than an awkward Baratheon family dinner.

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fog over (click pic) dubai (photographed by bjoern lauen and chloratine), shanghai (wei gensheng), chicago (steve raymer and bob gaudet), london (mpsinthesky), vancouver (andy clark), and new york (girish tewani)

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